Case Histories

A large food service distributor.

The Challenge:
A large interstate food service distributor wanted to improve its food show books, to make it easier for customers to place orders while attending the shows.

The Implementation:

  • LIS suggested that the client provide master customer and customer history files in addition to the show book files normally provided.
  • We also suggested adding bar codes to the items in the show book as well as the customer numbers.
  • Lastly, we suggested including a customer history summary on each show book order sheet and a summary page in an additional section of the book.

The Results:
The enhancements gave the distributor a more efficient way to make buying decisions while attending a show, additional time for purchasing new items, a more efficient way to evaluate each book's efficiency, and (thanks to the barcoding) more timely sales reports.

A local business forms distributor.

The Challenge:
The client needed help producing bar-coded gift certificate forms for a large multi-sotre retailer. Accountability for each and every certificate was a key requirement.

The Implementation:

  • Using Xerox high-speed laser printers, LIS printed the bar code at 600 DPI output resolution.
  • The certificates - which had to be supplied in pads - were stapled and taped using our bindery equipment.

The Results:
LIS gave the client the accountability it needed by supplying 100% scanable bar-coded certificates and creating tables showing the "start" and "end" numbers for various certificate denominations. This information appears on the front of each pad of certificates.
In addition, we keep an electronic ordering history to give our customer accurate re-ordering information and warehouse blank certificates to assure re-order flexibility.

Direct mail services.

The Challenge:
A mid-size direct mail service company was required to supply "exit resumes" for discharged military personnel throughout the US. Each resume had to include a personalized cover letter, plus full details about the recipient's military assignments and educational experience.
Complicating the assignment: the cover letter had to be printed on a different sotck from the resume information, and requests for resumes came randomly... in widely varying quantities.

The Implementation:

  • Thanks to multi-tray feeding on our Xerox 4635 laser printers, LIS could easily combine the two components on different stocks.
  • We developed programs to "offset" each individual name provided for printing.
  • We also developed an electronic information transfer system.

The Results:
Thanks to the offsetting programs, the direct mail service greatly improved the mailing process, thus dramatically reducing turnaround time. The improvements to data transferring also sped up the process.




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